Gapstars hosts Sri Lanka's PHP community meetup

Hatch is now home to Gapstars Explorer Series meetups

As a part of the new Explorer series on Emerging Development Trends, Gapstars held its second event last week at Hatch Colombo. Founded in 2015, Gapstars pioneered the first Colombo PHP community and hosted a series of meetups. Most recently Gapstars, started the explorer series to capture emerging development trends for Colombo’s passionate developer community.

To shed light on how to incorporate SOLID into the development workflow, Gapstars hosted its second explorer series meetup titled "SOLID design principles in PHP" at Hatch. The event featured a presentation by Jayawi Perera, Tech Lead at Gapstars followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Jayawi broke down the principles one by one, sharing real-world examples on how to use these principles in the design process. View more pictures from the event here.

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About Gapstars

Gapstars is a B2B service provider to innovative Dutch software companies. We developed a method to help fast-growing tech companies with high-performing agile offshore development teams. Our method includes finding, hiring and facilitating developers in scrum team format.

We started our journey in 2015 with a young and ambitious team. Currently, we employ 250+ professionals in our offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 2023, our goal is to become an industry leader and an agile software development powerhouse. We are only interested in working with fast-growing start-and scale-ups that are looking for new ways to fuel their growth. Our current client base includes several highly ambitious and heavily funded start-ups that are looking to conquer their respective markets.