Gapstars hosts Scrum Coaching Clinic

To better understand the dynamics through the agile journey, Gapstars hosted a scrum coaching clinic recently. The meetup 'Explorer Series: Scrum Coaching Clinic' brought together Agile leaders to discuss the effective ways of playing the scrum master role and provide practical insights on the art of scrum mastering.

The panel of trainers included:

Janani Liyanage, Enterprise Agile Coach Virtusa

Rumesh Wijeyatunga, Trainer at The Key Concepts

Hiruna Dissanayake, Agile Coach at IFS

Pradja Dolewatte, Senior Manager Process at Sysco

Niroshan Madampitige, Agile Coach and Head of Delivery at Gapstars

The meetup included an interactive session covering key topics such as effective scrum mastering, effective product ownership, agile leadership, servant leadership, agile mindset and agile metrics.

Gapstars facilitates agile training and coaching

As part of our commitment of building dedicated development teams packed with skilled developers for scale-ups and startups to accelerate the phase of growth, Gapstars recently launched agile training and coaching for client teams to enhance their high performance culture. Check out how we are helping client teams through the agile journey.

We often emphasize and remind teams that “Agile is a way of working”. We help our teams adapt agile concepts and practices which led us to designing a program that would nurture teams through the agile journey. Here’s a quick introduction on basics you need to know about agile.


How we help companies build a successful SaaS business

At Gapstars, we are firm believers in the Agile philosophy when it comes to building dedicated scrum teams and SaaS software. Within the Agile framework, teams have the freedom to organize themselves and manage their own work. 

On a daily basis, we enable our teams to deliver SaaS products with the best time-to-market and the highest possible quality. As a result, our clients benefit from a competitive business advantage, which in turn enhances their customer’s satisfaction.

Check out more pictures from the meetup here.

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About Gapstars

Gapstars is a B2B service provider to innovative Dutch software companies. We developed a method to help fast-growing tech companies with high-performing agile offshore development teams. Our method includes finding, hiring and facilitating developers in scrum team format.

We started our journey in 2015 with a young and ambitious team. Currently, we employ 250+ professionals in our offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 2023, our goal is to become an industry leader and an agile software development powerhouse. We are only interested in working with fast-growing start-and scale-ups that are looking for new ways to fuel their growth. Our current client base includes several highly ambitious and heavily funded start-ups that are looking to conquer their respective markets.